Resto Druid – Utility

“The difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web.”
Edwin Way Teale

Resto Druid – Utility

Having “progressed” through Heroic Archimonde (that means several kills, many wipes) on my hunter, I’ve learned the encounter pretty well.

Healing Normal Archimonde with my raid team, I “go bear” for the Infernals.

I looked at my health, as Resto I have 414k health, when I click the Bear button I have 496k health. It doesn’t matter, the Infernal never touches me.

I am not on the Banish team. When the Infernals come hurtling down out of the skies, I click on one and “go bear”. I Growl and run away! As the Infernal starts to hot-foot it after me I wait until I’m away from most players and cast Mass Entanglement. This is a Talent and I can cast it behind me while running, it is an instant spell.

That Infernal will be rooted for 20 full seconds unless tagged. Let the dps catch up and then down him.

It works, works well and I love doing it.

If I have Dash ready, I zooooom back to be in range of the raid and get my heals going again.

How many wipes in the final 3% of Archimonde have you had on your raid group? I’ve seen too many. It is because the banish/infernals are new mechanics at the very end of the fight; not well-rehearsed but rather survived.

Yeah, I can kite a mob.

The Druid class has so much utility and so much depth.

2 thoughts on “Resto Druid – Utility

  1. Another resto druid win:
    Again on Archie, Tank went down, Archie decided to rageface on a clothie…bear form, growl, brez tank, ironbark on tank, Archie already heading to rezzed tank as he built up his aggro on boss, clothie continued to pew pew…win.


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