My Little Soapbox

I’ll gladly keep my political views to myself.

I was watching the Democratic Debate last night. Hillary Clinton called out the debate moderators, saying something like, “this is our ninth debate and we have never had a question on women’s rights, abortion etc.”. I’m paraphrasing badly.

I was delighted. She shamed the moderators in that it is a huge topic. Governors and States are going against Federal ruling as I write this right now. How can this NOT be a big topic?

So — I watched the post-debate chat on CNN. I wanted to see them fess up or admit it or simply discuss what Ms. Clinton said.


I scanned the major websites this morning and read the “top ten things from the debate” articles.


How can a woman’s right to her own body be patently avoided in the debates?

I’m not a politician nor am I steeped in the topic. Even so, I know that states like Texas are trying to limit women. Whether I personally am pro or con doesn’t matter.

Make it a debate topic. This one is important to me and everyone.

I am disgusted with the media. Hillary shamed CNN. I shame them too.

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