New Dalaran

“Whoe’er has traveled life’s dull round,
Where’er his stages may have been,
May sigh to think he still has found
The warmest welcome, at an inn.”

William Shenstone

New Dalaran

Legion is months away. I’m guessing that the Kirin Tor will port Dalaran from Northrend to the Broken Isles. And somehow, the Dalaran in Northrend will still be there?

Lore-wise, I get it. But, c’mon. Give it a different name and stop confusion for the next oh-so-many years. Call it New Dalaran in the game. I have the Kirin-Tor ring in my bags for a quick trip to Dalaran; what if they make another portal ring?

Getting to the new faction hub to set one’s hearth is the typically the first task of any adventurer. The trek from your old inn to the new lands to quest is tedious. Getting all of your Alts to the New Dalaran will be on the short list as well.

For Mists of Pandaria, I landed in the starting zone of Jade Forest. I hopped on my chopper with my hunter pet as a water strider. I rode all the way North to Kun-Lai Summit (on the water) until I could get on land up by the Troll village. I bought the Yak on Day One. Then, I (greatly daring) rode south to this tower by the wall. I worked my way up the wall, ran around the top and jumped off. I made it to the Shrine on Day One and was relieved. Relieved to start playing in earnest.

With zones that scale, we can ride to pick up all of the Flight Paths pretty easy without being slaughtered.

New Dalaran is being updated but will be very familiar. I’m really looking forward to it. After years of isolation in my Garrison, this will add to my fun factor by a factor of eleventeen.

I imagine, like Stormshield, that there will be a portal (eventually) from Stormwind to New Dalaran (dear Elune, I hope they don’t call it Legion Dalaran!).

Getting around is important. Access to portals, tabards, rings, spells, flight points and all of that will be on the top of our lists — to start a new expansion.


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