Success in WoW

“It is justice, not charity, that is wanting in the world.”
Mary Wollstonecraft

Success in WoW

As we are lulled into the Lull in the WoW expansion, I have to ask if I’ve been successful.

Tricky question. This is a big game and it never ends. How do you know if you won?

I started in Burning Crusade. I was successful in that at level 40, I bought a mount. At level 60, I learned to fly. I flew in Nagrand and it was lovely.

Ultimately, every unique player has to measure their own personal success (and failures). You might see a player in Gladiator gear; well, that guy was successful in PvP. You might see a player who joined a guild and loves it.

When the Looking for Raid tool came out, most players could kill the final boss in the expansion. This was a sharp contrast to the Sunwell raid, I think only 3% of the entire WoW population even saw that raid!

Blizzard cheated a little in this expansion. They offered a Moose. I resent that Moose. When did we learn about that Moose? If the announced end-game reward was known when we began, we’d have set our sites on the goal. As it was, I was content with Normal Archimonde.

I felt that it was dirty pool to drop that reward on us. People wanted that reward. They paid other teams in gold to get that reward. Groups formed online like the Friendship Moose group and the incredible Outcasts “Moose-a-Wish” Runs for Charity. Sure, the WoW community rose to the occasion, but did it need to do those generous activities?

Players are frantic for that Moose.

I got my Moose. The quest in Moonglade was awesome. But, that didn’t flag my success in WoW. I’m still trying to figure it out.

Have you been successful in WoW?


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