Hunter in Legion

“The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection.”
Henri Nouwen

My Hunter in Legion

Visiting the ;Blizzard Preview Series, we get a quick over-view of each specialization for the classes. It signals intention and sums it up under “gameplay”.

Beast Masters were already in a good place overall, but we’ve refined existing abilities and talents to better differentiate them from other Hunters. Previously, Cobra Shot filled all of your free moments in combat, leaving no time for managing your pet, which should be a defining characteristic of Beast Masters. To this end, and to aid in Focus accumulation, Dire Beast is now core to Beast Mastery, allowing you to repeatedly summon wild beasts that generate additional Focus for you through their every attack.

The Lone Wolf gameplay introduced in Warlords of Draenor proved extremely popular with Hunters, and that play style fit perfectly with our vision of Marksmanship Hunters as master archers and snipers, relying on their skill and precision with weapons rather than animal companions. All Marksmanship Hunters now gain Lone Wolf by default, ranging through the wilds without a pet beside them. On the resource front, the Marksman now gains Focus from the use of Arcane Shot. And, as a note for those who enjoyed the previous version of Survival gameplay, we have moved certain abilities, such as Black Arrow and Lock and Load, to Marksmanship-specific talents.

What does this mean to me?
I care about two things. One: looking cool in Dalaran. Two: being a solid raider. They can talk all they want about “class fantasy” but my fantasy is that I look cool in Dalaran. Running to the bank with a parade of pets behind me is so very satisfying.

Hellfire Citadel reinforced the role of the Hunter. Our mobility, ranged skills, durability and “slows” will give us the odd-ball assignments in the raid. It is Hero Time when you sling your bow over your shoulder and choose a hunter.

We will get the belts, flame throwers, dropping balls, Infernals and every quirk that the designers throw at the raid team. Hunters are the first choice to solve the problem.

Azortharion indicates that Marksman is looking better and better in the Alpha. This guy is the stone-cold authority on hunter raiding.

I will choose Marksmanship to start the expansion. For the Adds! A lot of the “style” in huntering is changing around a lot. Traps may go away, for example. A lot will need to simply be seen and tried.

Survival? If you are playing a rogue or feral kitty, try Survival. You will love finally being a hunter.


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