WoW 7.0 – The Pre-Patch

Mekgineer Thermaplugg’s Brag-Bot yells: “It is… and twenty-six TIMES more powerful than the first!”

WoW 7.0 – The Pre-Patch

Or Pre-Expansion patch. With the news of Legion dropping on August 30, here is what we expect with the Pre-Patch.

A Pre-Expansion Event
Some kind of invasion from the Legion in Azeroth. Winterspring, Tanaris, Southern Barrens are likely. Some rewards like we got from Operation Gnomeregan. A small quest line that will lead us into Legion, probably in Dalaran.

Demon Hunters (and Gnome Hunters?)
A new Hero Class. We will all log in to see the new start zone and the story.

A 30-Day Period
At least by August 1st if not July 15th. The pre-order lure is the Demon Hunter. A new player would need ample time to try it out and the new starter zone. If you are a nurse in the school system, you’ll get plenty of time to test it all out.

The Revamp of the UI
The new search feature for Achievements, for example; along with the new distance viewer and this includes the new minimum requirements for your computer.

Pre-Load all new Achievements
My Armory already says that I’m Saving For A Rainy Day. All new Legion Achievements and Titles will be loaded into the Pre-Patch and some will be attainable (Fabulous!).

The Class Re-Design
All of the new spells, talents, glyphs will be seen on Pre-Patch day. Expect to be over-powered because multistrike is gone and those stats will be stacked as Crit (for example). Also, the raiding Tier pieces will be redesigned to reflect the lost spells or new spells.

Raid Team — Assemble!
Expect your Raid Leader to call for raiding on August 7th. The new Demon Hunter tanks need to be practiced on familiar content and supported by the raid team. The new class designs need to practice their rotations — in a raid.

The Wardrobe Feature
Expect to be flipping a lot of your toons as you build your account-wide Wardrobe. Expect enchanters to be learning their Illusion books. Expect your tailor to be selling all 18 shirt recipes.

Make Gold!
I’ll be selling a lot of Hexweave bags to the new Demon Hunters and their distant cousins, Gnome Hunters.

The Pre-Expansion Patch is as exciting to me as the Expansion itself. Seeing my new class design is thrilling! I expect it to be finished. If anything, some minor class balancing patches — it should be done and ready to go!


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