Where is the Felblight?

“Thank you, hard taco shells, for surviving the long journey from factory, to supermarket, to my plate and then breaking the moment I put something inside you. Thank you.”
Jimmy Fallon

Where is the Felblight?

With the news of a set date for Legion, we can look at our garrison factories with new eyes. Our Treasure Finder trait will be changed to something like Maximum Scavenger and we’ll be drowning in Garrison Resources. Pre-patch: 7.0.

I trust that you do have a Trading Post?

Everything is in place for a massive shift. If we keep an eye on the work-order papers from our missions, we can stack those in anticipation of cranking out a lot of stuff.

I will put my three tailors to work on making Hexweave Bags. The “next up” bag in Legion has only two more slots; mine will be cheap. I will be watching the news from the Beta to see if our Leatherworking Stat Tents work in Legion; remember these are account bound but can be used by anyone walking by the tent.

With the daily Trader coming to our garrison, we can swap Mats for Primal Spirits and buy Savage Blood and create gear for our Alts in Legion. But …

Where is the Felblight?

Could it be possible that the designers did not include Felblight into either Ashlee or our Trading Post? Did they forget? Felblight is the final two steps to crafting gear, without it the gear is just about useless.

Everything we need to become a Garrison Factory for Hexweave Bags, Loot-a-Rangs, Stat Tents and quick leveling cooking and fishing for our Alts is in place. Except for the darn Felblight!

No way (no freaking way) am I going fish for it in Tanaan.


2 thoughts on “Where is the Felblight?”

  1. Fish the pools in the green crap in front of HFC. Start just about even with where Bramblefell spawns (there’s a ramp there for point of reference) and work your way along (counter-clockwise) until you’re about even with where Fel Smith Damorka spawns. Lots of pools spawn in that moat of fel crap. When you get to the end of that strip (it only goes about 2/3-rds around the citadel), fly over the court yard of HFC and start again.

    You’ll always have pools available for fishing in, even if another person is fishing that run. You’ll get quite a few fel blight and a decent number of fel lunkers for Nat for the mount/pets/pole/hat/whatev. HFC moat is where I fished all the lunkers for the mount. I suggest you have Netflix running on another monitor (or have the TV cranked up so you can hear it), or just turn on your fav podcast while you grind pools. The fish still sell on the AH too as dps food.


    1. Also, you’ll see a quite a few folks fishing right next to the bridge to HFC because they’re camping Doom or waiting for rest of raid to show up. Don’t get discouraged if you see a bunch of folks right there. After 2 or 3 passes of the circuit, you’ll get a feel for who’s grinding and who’s just passing through.


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