Guild Love in Legion

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter*
A Novel by Carson McCullers

Guild Love in Legion

My friends. I have been through the data-mined material and gleaned information on classes, achievements, dungeons, raids, zones, class halls, world quests, toys, wardrobes, professions, artifacts, pvp stuff and plenty more.

How much have I read, studied or noted on Guilds? Zero.

Again: zero.

I am passionate about my guild. It is my spring-board for my gaming social life; it is why I log in every day. We have not had any Guild Love for years — years! We have had stuff taken away like Have Group, Will Travel; the best guild perk in gaming history. But no Love in return.

There is something rotten in Anaheim. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

I can see plenty of opportunity to make us excited about Legion. Guild Housing is the Prince Charming to our Cinderella; could there be one Developer who would be our Fairy Godmother?

I’d like to see:

  • A building upon existing in-guild mechanics.
    • Heirloom gear bought at Revered — boots would be humble, but fine.
    • Another unique battle pet tied to pet battling guild-wide. Better than Graves.
    • A Freaking Flying Fish Mount that seats enough for a five-man dungeon! With Lasers.
    • Cosmetic Achievement Awards.
    • Guild usage toys (like the Dazzling Rod but limited to your guildies), make someone big or float or sparkle.
  • Guild Master private storage in the guild bank.
  • Guild Only Party Summoning (the bastard child of Have Group, Will Travel).
  • Alchemy perks (flask boosting) for each guild member in a raid; percentage based.
  • A glow about us when we are close to each other anywhere but in a raid.
  • Triple Proximity Awards for farming: herbs, mining, fishing, archeology.

We need some Guild Love. Forgotten, forbidden, forsaken, outcast, ignored, shamed, shunned and full of sorrow; please, give us some love.

*When published, the novel created a literary sensation, enjoying a meteoric rise to the top of the bestseller lists in 1940; it was the first in a string of works by McCullers that give voice to those who are rejected, forgotten, mistreated or oppressed.


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