Party Buffs in Legion

“My own experience is that a certain kind of genius among students is best brought out in bed.”
Allen Ginsberg

Party Buffs in Legion

As far as we can tell from the data-mined notes: Party Buffs are going away.

I can understand it. If we always have 9/9 buffs, then it isn’t making a difference. Even in my five man runs, we can muster up 7/7; and, if it is important, we can use things like Drums of the Forgotten Kings.

It looks like my Druid’s iconic Mark of the Wild will solely exist on my Resto-Druid and till give Stamina to one party member, I assume the tank. I’d guess that other healers will have the same and that they won’t stack.

If the above paragraph is true, this will be a very good start in assigning healers to tanks in the new paradigm of healer dependent tanks in raids. Who has who is too often glossed over in our current raids.

But, we are losing flavor (and that is bad).

When I first started playing WoW during Burning Crusade, I spent a lot of time running from the starting zone to Dolanaar in Teldrassil. New tries on new classes, I did a lot of flipping to new experiences.

I remember running (always running) down the road and another player, waving his hand, would toss Might or MotW right at me. It was like a blessing! I wanted to do that for others; it was a wonderful opening for a MMO.

At some point, they moved the party buffs to start at much higher levels, which I lamented. Then they made it fairly generic so one class would not be favored over another. And now, it doesn’t matter — but it does. In flavor.

I have tossed a Mark of the Wild at a player out in the field. I’ve seen players stop; turn around and run back to put their buff on me. It is a cool thing and I’ll be sad to see it go away. … if it does go away. One can hope!


2 thoughts on “Party Buffs in Legion

  1. Oog! I do not like this. I loved being able to toss my MotW on every questing toon I came across. Especially after it was moved to level 62, I’d make it a point to go out of my way to share that love with folks in questing zones.

    I’m extremely put out by this news.


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