Flex Raiding in WoD

“I love the idea that magic and witchcraft and battles between supernatural creatures could be raging all around us but just out of our sight.”
Anthony Horowitz

Flex Rant!

Flex Raiding in WoD

It sucked. The designers failed and it never got fixed. I saw one small patch to address raiding with small teams; and that didn’t solve it.

We can do the Hell Fire Citadel now; with great gear and think “it is not so bad”. It is bad, the flex didn’t flex smoothly and bad design drives me nuts. Kilrogg Deadeye; try it with ten players. Now, try it with ten players who are on progression — 66 wipes.

The Flex Design didn’t work because I saw it time and again; we’d struggle and struggle and blame ourselves. Then, one player would leave and suddenly — it was easy! All through all three of the raids, the flex design didn’t “flex” to the group size.

When it was designed as a 10 man raid (all of our WoW lives), if we failed; we knew it was us. We knew others were facing the exact same circumstance, design, encounter. We knew which bosses were raid killers and we could accept that.

With flex: I’m pissed that we blamed ourselves for failure.

Mythic raiding is not flex. It is set at 20 players. Taking that high-end design and dialing it down (I refuse to say “scale it down”, they lied) to Heroic and Normal did not make the translation. It stuttered, staggered and shattered raid teams.

If you had the right combination, you can blow through bosses. I’ve done it. The same raid team but with some variation; say, you add a friend or two and you stumble and wipe. I’m guessing that the 15+ raids saw little problem, but if you were in the 10 – 15 player range, it sucked hard.

Question: on Manny, does the number of Infernals (3) change with the number of ranged in your team? How about with the size of your team?

And, I’ve played! 23 kills on Xhul on Normal and 12 kills on Xhul on Heroic. 35 weeks of raiding deep in the second floor. I’ve raided. I wonder at the wipes, that is the real metric.

I don’t know. Maybe the design was too hard. We’ve sat in this raid for a year, we are “geared” and we still hit the same flaws in the design over and over.

Flex Fail.


2 thoughts on “Flex Raiding in WoD”

  1. There’s a reason folks went with definitive 2/4/9 and 2/5/13 setups. Also trying with a good split of range/melee without all range being hunters. I’ve seen solid groups that were missing 1 or 2 people flounder until they added the bodies to fill out that composition. Even sub-optimal dps (provided they could follow directions) was all that was needed.


  2. Yeah, that definitive setup was not known to me or my raid leader for months into the expansion: how could we know? When the solution to flex raiding is stacking up a bunch of unknown puggers; I feel it is flawed — many in my guild resist adding those players! I think you are totally right; at minimum it has to be 2/4/9 (15 players) for it to work, otherwise you are in for a rough night.


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