Preparing for Legion: Professions

“Strategy is the art of making use of time and space.
I am less concerned about the latter than the former.
Space we can recover, lost time never.”


Preparing for Legion: Professions

With delight, I found The World of Moudi. This blog has some information from the Alpha on professions. It is not complete, which is a-okay. I have no problem with a work in progress; I have book marks so I can return.

For me, the best first information is which starting zone has which profession quests. From this blog, I have learned that my Jewelcrafter would want to start in Azsuna. I’ll be referring to this guide for all of my profession alts — starting in the zone that supports the profession will be a boon.

Within the profession guide, I also saw that there are maps for good places to farm leather via skinning and how to farm Blood of Sargeras, the crafting reagent (like felblight, I guess) in Legion.

Eventually, I will want to form a Sequence List on how to start the new expansion. For example, I know I’d want my Artifact before I started grinding leather. Putting my characters with professions through a step-by-step sequence to have them all in a good place is important.

When starting a campaign, one needs to plan ahead!


4 thoughts on “Preparing for Legion: Professions

  1. Sometimes something completely inappropriate and irrelevant comes to mind and I have to share…so here goes.

    Having no plan didn’t stop Drumpf from campaigning for the Presidency.


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