Old World Mats in WoW

“In the main, ghosts are said to be forlorn and generally miserable, if not downright depressed. The jolly ghost is rare.”
Dick Cavett

Old School Mats in WoW

I have the time, so I thought I would craft up a Pierre or Sky Golem. I’ve made three or four Sandstone Drakes during this expansion; for prizes or presents.

I took my miner back to Pandaria to start grinding Ghost Iron Ore. After a while, it felt incredibly tedious; two ore per node is common and I’d need a lot. So, I started doing the “Warbringer Loop”.

The Warbringer Loop is flying to each spawn point following the pathing of the Scouts. Once you get to Townlong Steppes, take a flight path to Binan Village and loop around again. You kill any rares along the way and hope for the various bags of goodies: namely trillium ore and ghost iron ore. Perhaps you’d get cloth or leather too.

It was late evening, after a raid, and I was astounded at the number of players doing the same as me. This is the prior expansion, we should be done with it. Beyond my own motives, I don’t know, but the competition was fierce and players were camping and realm hopping.

When I was farming materials for the Sandstone Drake in the Cata zones, I saw much of the same thing though not as intense as Pandaria.

I now think that once an expansion is over that the number of materials gained through the gathering professions should be quadrupled. I now think that there should be a vendor for gold or, at least, an exchange — like leather for cloth. I think that rares like the Warbringers or the Hellbane in Draenor should have quick spawn-rates.

I am a bit irked that there are so many players motivated to farm past expansions. Try Shalozar Basin, the general chat channel is pretty active. This is not a very good design!

I do think the value of the Sky Golem and the Sandstone Drake should remain high. Some effort is fine with me. Still, there are a lot of players in old zones; the materials are still a bitch to get even if you are flying and unafraid of any monsters nearby.

Seeing players in the old world is healthy for the game. Farming for materials in tiny little chunks is not good gaming.

With the garrison features in WoD, I think that Draenor will be a ghost world.

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