A Diary from Draenor

“I’d rather be smart than be an actor.”

A Diary from Draenor

I guess it is not surprising to see a drop in WoW participation now that the date for the expansion has been announced. I see it, some, in our guild but also in trade chat and within the online sphere like Blizzard Watch and bloggers. I’ll keep playing.

There is a fear that everyone else is saving the garrison mount and pets for future sale also! Same with the crashin’ toys in Tanaan. Probably the pets in High Maul too. My non-profession alts have plenty of empty bag space.

Several things will be happening between now and the pre-expansion patch. Finishing this expansion’s achievements and, really, potential like pvp and stablemaster and going for the cute little cow pet. Also, preparing for Legion. Whether it is stocking up on bags to sell to very rich Demon Hunters or culling through posts for information (will we ever know if the stat tent works in Legion?). And, of course, pre-expansion massive spring cleaning through all of our bags!

I need to read a post (maybe on Wowhead) about the non-toys that will become toys in Legion. And how to get them, of course. I have easy time to get them right now.

This blog continues well. Yesterday’s visitors were from United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom and Serbia. I enjoy that players from all over are reading my humble little posts.

And … it’s Saturday. I’m off to the movies (Keanu) and then raiding tonight!



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