How to Play WoW – Old Timer’s Edition

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”
Mae West

How to Play WoW — Old Timer’s Edition

I was listening to Hearthcast, by far my favorite podcast, this morning. This week’s episode is All About That Sparkle and Rewt talks about learning how to use the Escape key to log out — this week!

It is kind of funny in that Rewt has been playing WoW for a long time. He has been typing /camp for years upon years. I laughed a little at his story.

Then, I was playing WoW (while listening to Hearthcast) and one of our guildies gets an Achievement. I’ve played with this person for years. I kind of thought he was nuts because he’d get all of the achievements on all of his characters. He has 22000 achievement points and is very good at getting friends to help, I’ve helped many times.

Today he types ….

Guildie: Do you do the achievements on all your toons or is it just me?
Me: Just you.
Guildie: Well, shoot.

I didn’t laugh. I sucked in some air. Imagine all of that time invested. Because he thought that this is how you play the game. He thought that everyone wanted to get achievements on each toon. To be fair, he’s had a lot of fun. Still, achievements are an enormous time sink and he’d fallen into the drain.

It would be tempting to poke some fun but: if Rewt has been doing it backwards and this guildie has been doing it backwards, then I know that there are things I’m doing backwards. These are both smart long-time players. It is a darned scary thought.

My last semester of getting my Master’s degree, I discovered that I was short on some classes. I’d followed my advisor’s advice and was screwed. That was a fundamental shock that I remember today. Everyone else had followed the script, I was stupid and followed his advice blindly. I did graduate on time but I felt like crying that day.

There must be things in this game, WoW, that are obvious to everyone else but not to me. Or many people know the shortcut (shift click) or how to get to a zone or “easy rep” or that stat buff or weak auras or …. well, I can’t imagine. Somewhere in there, I’m doing it wrong or clumsy or long term.

I bet that you have something odd too. It was a shock to them. I guess the only answer is to keep learning and poking into odd nooks and reading blogs and playing with friends.


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