Preparing for Legion: Profession Alts

“Every person who has mastered a profession is a skeptic concerning it.”
George Bernard Shaw

Preparing for Legion: Profession Alts

An Embarrassment of Alts

When Cataclysm came out, it was suddenly easy to level Alts. Gone were the long grinds from Burning Crusade. I took advantage, just like you did, and leveled up some dedicated Profession Alts. Their job is to make stuff and feed my Main.

With Warlords of Draenor, the garrison offered silly gold. Eventually the gold flow got nerfed but even after the big nerf, the gold is still there. Also, WoD offered super easy profession leveling.

Eventually, my Profession Alts made it up to their Garrison 3. Slowly, I began leveling more Alts to take advantage of the gold rush. I ended up with three Tailors making hexweave bags; I saved some, sold some and loaded up our guild vault for a while.

Here is a chart of my level 100 characters. The bottom three are on our sister server and in our guild. I’ll ding two million gold this week.


Character Profession Profession Class
Main 1 Engineering Jewelcrafting Hunter
Main 2 Leatherworking Herbalism Druid
Profession Alt Mining Skinning Hunter
Profession Alt Enchanting Tailor Hunter
Profession Alt Alchemy Inscription Hunter
Profession Alt Blacksmithing Tailor Warrior
Holiday Alt None None Mage
Garrison Alt None None Rogue
Garrison Alt None Tailor Priest
Garrison Alt None None Holy Pally
Garrison Alt None None Druid
Garrison Alt None None Warlock


My five Garrison Alts will be left behind. All of my characters have at least 18 (of 25) followers with the Treasure Hunter trait which will switch to Super Scavenger traits with the pre-expansion patch. Lots of resources and not enough information!

How to take advantage of my Embarrassment of Alts?

I (think) that Alchemy, Enchanting, Blacksmithing will be useless. I believe that the Jewelcrafting 250 gold daily will continue. Bags from Tailoring will always sell, even if cheap.

Potentially, I could have five garrison Jewelcrafters and Tailors! The tough turn would be Sorcerous Earth, the reagent for hexweave bags — visiting the Trader to change resources to Primal Spirits would solve it: but “time spent” becomes an issue.

My Hunter main will do all of the heavy lifting in Legion; questing, fighting, exploring, rep grinds (for flying as well). My Druid healer main will likely level in dungeons and the Profession quests.

My Profession Alt with mining and skinning will finish the Artifact quest then and likely level by grinding mats for my Mains. Finally, my other Profession Alts will slowly catch up over time with focus on the Alchemist first.

Preparing for Legion now, in the context of Profession Alts, will take some doing but with luck and good fortune and the blessing of Elune; we’ll be able to step into the Broken Isles with a lot of support.


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