Illidian: a Book Review

Illidian: a Book Review

Illidian by William King

Warcraft books are fun to read because they have their roots in the game or lore. This book was just that: fun to read. The story is familiar, the events leading up to the final fight with Illidian. Reading the characters with more dimension is a treat.

Like the War of the Ancients and Arthas, I put down my book and jumped into the game to visit the places described. I got a friend to run Black Temple with me and we followed the dialogue and explored all of the rooms. I also visited the places described in Shadowmoon Valley several times: this is what makes it fun!

I used to love, when reading Tony Hillerman, his descriptions of the University of New Mexico (and the Frontier restaurant) because I knew the places so well. In movies, I’ve enjoyed (say) Get Smart with their location at Disney Hall; I know that hall pretty well. With Warcraft books, you can quickly jump into the game and fly over to the spot and look around. It is a layer to an experience that is unique to the genre.

It is a fast read. I felt that I was burning (pun intended!) through the book pretty fast and so put it down for a few days. It was on my Kindle so I have no idea of the heft of the book; but it reads well and reads fast. This was much appreciated after plodding through some of the other Warcraft books, enjoyable has they might have been to read.

There is enough emphasis on Demon Hunters to groove us into Legion. They are cool enough that I want to play one now because of the story.

I didn’t really get a sense of “reading age”. The words were not big nor the concepts difficult. However, one is reading about demons! Evil is evil. Blood and death and pain and misery are a part of life in Azeroth but also the threat of the joy in pain, torture and loss of love compounded by … demons. The slightly disturbing (to me) description of a felhound eating a small child is still with me. I don’t know the proper age for a reader to be.

If you are thinking of a Demon Hunter in Legion, I recommend this book. Hellfire, pick the book up anyways; it is fun stuff.


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