Preparing for Legion: Raiding Edition

“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him.”
Booker T. Washington

Preparing for Legion: Raiding Edition

I’m not a Raid Leader, praise Elune. My Raid Leaders are much smarter than I am and a lot more patient; add their charisma and I’m in some fine company. However, if we can imagine it now; our path to glory will be much easier.

Here is what I’d like to see on our Raid planning.

Free Up Tuesday Night: LFR
A lot of people hate the LFR — but not if you own it. Get your two raiding tanks, a a few healers and some dps in on first day. Own the LFR, keep communication open (tanks are talking to each other) and enjoy some time on Vent; bond with your team. Exposing your raid to the mechanics as soon as possible will help a lot.

More LFR
Don’t count on Blizzard Watch to post their “Five Second Boss Guide” until after the first week, at least! I love them for doing this, however; someone has to do some homework. Volunteer to lead your guild. Get into the early habit of having the Tuesday LFR runs to be guild events: it is healthy.

Decide Now on Composition.
If your healer is going rogue, this is the time to know. We learned the hard way that 2/4/9 is the magic number. Give your Raid Leader a chance to recruit or cultivate a team. Success is so important early on, there is a ton of interest.

Decide Later on Composition.
Players will be returning. Keep an eye on the pre-expansion patch and simply ask in guild chat. Run some raids to let the new Demon Hunters get their chops down.

Twenty Days to 110.
Is it fair to ask your raid team to be “at level” in twenty days? Maybe not, but Brewfest starts September 20th, the hard-core guys will be shooting for the trinkets from Coren Direbrew.

Help and hope that your raiders can become friends. If (for example) two healers bond and decide to pug into raids that are ahead of your team: pay them, praise them, love them. We are all a little crazy, those guys are crazy good.

Five-Man Dungeons
I know that the gear is supposed to be competitive in dungeons compared to raids. Teams will want to go with friends, others will want to merely join strangers on afternoons. They are merciless in their dungeon designs in Legion, expect to see them way too much. Dungeons will open Day One of the Expansion; Raids will be a little later.

Finally: Trust Blizzard
I know it will be hard. Keep in mind that the flex design for WoD was new to them. We suffered hard through poor scaling, a late and indifferent patch to address the issues and low morale. Trust that raids will honor both small groups and large groups with fun, excitement and success.


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