A Proactive Community

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.”
Denis Waitley

A Proactive Community

A lot of people visit “fan sites” like Blizzard Watch, Wowhead and MMO Champs. There are sites that offer class guides and even short videos of boss fights. I have no idea of the traffic to those sites but I’d imagine many players visit some of the time and fewer players visit on a regular basis.

For the most part, these sites report. They data-mine, theory craft and share information from the Alpha. It is terrific to read from the fans of the game who are invested.

Vee Teagan is a rare writer for Blizzard Watch and works for Ask Mr Robot. Her attitude is startling and refreshing; she feels that we can simply ask the designers for answers and that we can get them. I have never sensed this approach from any other writers on the World of Warcraft.

Does Blizzard Watch have the moxie to ask questions and expect to come back with good clear answers? I’ve only seen it in Vee Teagan. I can not think of (besides Vee) of a single time that a writer contacted Blizzard and got an answer. (NB: the topic was trinket mechanics) I don’t know, which is why I ask; because the big fan sites have the weight of numbers — can they expect a response?

Yes, I understand that the designers would not want to spoil the adventure of discovery. I’d never want to lose that in the fun game.

Still, I remember the shock and pain on Lore’s face when Watcher flat out told him that he was doing it wrong. Ouch. I normally scoff when the designers tell us that they raid too and understand our plight. However they know the answers already! I’ll never scoff again.

The interview (June 13, 2015 — deep into the expansion) told us that if you are not running with a Disc Priest in Mythic Raiding that you were doing it wrong and would fail. Period. This knowledge is crucial! If success is going to pivot on the role of one class, we have to know; now!

That was a burn in WoD that might leave me with a fantasy scar. I’ve complained before that the world “flex” is a lie; at least called it Step Raiding: 2/2/6, 2/3/7, 2/4/9 — and for Elune’s sake tell us.

We need to know some answers. I wish the writers at the fan sites felt empowered to go ask the questions for the fan base. Raid Composition is on my mind right now but there are plenty of simple mechanic questions that if made clear would strengthen us, as players, and complete our experience.

Here is the interview with Lore and Watcher zip ahead to 45:30 – 47:30.


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