Ding: 2 Million Gold

“I do not have OCD OCD OCD.”
Emilie Autumn

Ding: Two Million Gold on my server!

Of course, I spent a bunch too. Except for some minor clean up stuff; I’m pretty much done with Warlords of Dreanor. And odd piece of gear upgrade, some unfinished Achievements and, always, playing with my friends.

The Statistics page is always fun on the Armory (I have five deaths to the Elevator Boss!). Here are my current statistics that I feel define my characters.

Upon reflection: I may have played too much!


Main 1

(LFR + N + H)

Total HFC boss kills


Current ilevel – 728

Main 2

(LFR + N + H)

Total HFC boss kills


Current ilevel – 728

Battle Pets

Pet Battles at max – 528

Pets at 25 – 428

Unique – 637

Total – 710

Draenor Pet Brawler


Master of Apexis

Master Draenor Crafter

Draenor Pet Brawler


Main 1 – 6350 completed missions

Main 1 – 54 followers


262 Mounts

210 Toys


Level 100 – 10

Shipyards – 6

Draenor Titles

of the Jungle


Crashin’ Thrashin’

Field Photographer

the Commandojack

They kept us busy in WoD!


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