Legion: Expectations, Hopes and Fears

“Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.”
Cary Grant

Legion: Expectations, Hopes and Fears

Blizzard designers have a reputation for over-reacting. Tired of Dailies? They are all gone in the next expansion. Healers bored: mana regeneration is a bitch. On and on the pendulum swings. The following are my hopes, fears and expectations in the next expansion: Legion.

  • Expectation: New Dalaran will be a release and a relief as a cross-faction Sanctuary and main congregation hub.
  • Fear: “Rep gating” toy use will be the rule rather than the exception.
  • Hope: Flex raiding will be solved and flex with large and small groups, heavy melee groups or heavy ranged groups.
  • Expectation: Raiding is the same. Fun challenging group content that is designed for us to win (not fail) the fight.
  • Expectation: My druid healer will be in demand and treasured as much as any disc priest, shaman, paladin or monk in any flavor of dungeons and raids.
  • Fear: I will choose the wrong spec to level my ball and chain Artifact.
  • Hope: The hybrid dailies called World Quests will be freaking lucrative.
  • Expectation: We will have five cycled Profession Dailies as fun as the fishing and cooking dailies that we had in Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Fear: Dalaran will be too much. Too many player toys, slow mammoth parades, player portals, “kek” and … lag.
  • Expectation: Driven by the flying requirements, we will complete every zone rather than level in the ones we actually like.
  • Hope: The guide sites like Icy Veins and Ask Mr Robot will have updated and published class guides at the pre-expansion patch.
  • Expectation: That I will play Legion and that my Guild will remain active.
  • Fear: That I’ll miss having my own instanced patch of land in the expansion like I did with the Tillers and the Garrison.
  • Hope: That I won’t always crack up when “animated shorts” is mentioned in a column.
  • Hope: That Dalaran is fun with odd bits here and there.
  • Fear: It won’t be an Alt Friendly expansion.
  • Expectation: To have three maxed Artifacts and spec swapping with ease for the bulk of the expansion. And (part two) my gear works for all specs.
  • Hope: To have the Fabulous title on Day One of the pre-expansion patch.
  • Hope: To have at least five different Tmog sets macro’d to my mounts and I’ll change constantly (if not macro’d to spells!).
  • Expectations: Heirloom upgrades to 110 to be available with the first in-game patch.
  • Fear: That every thing (like the new Kirin Tor ring) will be exhaustively expensive.
  • Fear: That I’ll be confused for the rest of my WoW gaming life between Old Dalaran and New Dalaran since it won’t be called old and new.
  • Hope: That my favorite bloggers continue to write!

(cough) I think this list could go on and on!


2 thoughts on “Legion: Expectations, Hopes and Fears

  1. Well, if you have any Mages, you’ve got Teleport/Portal: Old Dalaran (crater in Hillsbrad), Teleport/Portal: Dalaran (floating in Crystal Song Forest), and will have Teleport/Portal: [New] Dalaran (somewhere in Broken Shores). So, is it Old, Dal, and New? Or is it Old-Old, Old, and New? Crater, Old, and New? I’m somewhat curious as to how the community will eventually label them for casual conversation and how they’ll be labeled for Mage spells.


  2. Huh, maybe the Mage Portal will be the answer; I’d not thought of that at all. Story-wise, there is no Old and New, they’ve moved the city to a new place. Game-wise, there is two!


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