Mythic Plus Dungeons: May 2016

“I grow impatient.”

Mythic Plus Dungeons: May 10, 2016

TL;DR — Mythic Plus Dungeons are my new life.

Mythic Plus dungeons; we have to solve the problems. Problems are solved by communication, education, anticipation and resolve. With Mythic Plus Dungeons, the odds are that most of our experiences will be with strangers; so no Vent. As we climb the Keystone Ladder, we’ll be facing new challenges; so, no education. C’mon, it can’t be THAT bad!

There is so much that I don’t understand about the new dungeon paradigm.

I know that the timer is 45 minutes, if you beat that timer; you don’t get loot, you move up to the next (random) dungeon. I assume your group stays intact?

If these Mythic Plus Dungeons are competitive with raiding, I don’t see where the throttle is to keep five players from vastly out-gearing a raider. And, when they say an alternate gear path to raiding: which raid? Mythic Raiding? LFR?

Why won’t five dungeon runners keep pushing the content (soon very familiar content) and out-gear everything? Will the gear reset as better in future patches to stay close to raiding gear? Are there even gear drops off of bosses: (I don’t think so; a weekly chest once a week: one new piece a week?).

Unlike new raids with ramping up difficulty as we near the final boss with four variations of difficulty in each type of raid — these dungeons are the same five man content and accessible on Day One.

They may add tricks like exploding mobs or some leech on your health but the spacing of the mobs, the casters and healers and the boss mechanics will be the same; no surprises.

It will be a steep learning curve (if your players decide to learn it) to know which talents to have for each Affix. When to use speed pots, hero, health pots, CC and AoE will be routine; perhaps. 45 minutes is a long ass time to be in a dungeon.

What I would really like to see is a Speed Mark Addon. Skull, X, Moon and the rest are cute and there is no universal agreed upon meaning behind the symbols except Skull and X. Square is freeze trap to someone who played three expansions ago; not a fair expectation in Legion. Same with Moon for polymorph.

Not much sucks more that waiting for a tank to mark adds. The play-style hinted at in the Affix mode raiding suggests that we’ll be doing a LOT of that stuff. I’d like to see simple numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 over mobs for kill order. I’d like a DMB module that pre-marks mobs as we near them. Learning Dungeons by rote through sheer repetition is not fun; especially for an entire expansion! We will never over-gear these dungeons and speed run them.

And, we will always have someone new in the dungeon. Whether new to that specific dungeon at low levels or new to Mythic Plus Level 8 with Two Affix modifiers.

Certain tanks will be better in certain dungeons; one class will shine for a mechanic but be weak in another.

I say: your composition is really two tanks but one is dps for a while; switch for a different dungeon. Run with a DK and Druid, one ranged (probably a hunter), one melee (probably a rogue) and a healer with some bursty healing like Tranquility (cough: my druid). DK tank, feral kitty, hunter, rogue, resto-druid and then Bear tank, DK dps, hunter, rogue, resto-druid: depending on the boss or dungeon.

What if my guild group calls it quits for the week but I move on with group finder? Will I be out of sync for the rest of the expansion with my guild?

Isn’t that a bit absurd?

“The Mythic+ dungeons are only limited by keystone availability, not a weekly loot lockout.” Does the keystone dissolve if you fail the 45 minute run? If you have a Level 7 keystone, do you group finder all week until you find a team that beats the timer? When do you do all of this?

My stats page on the Armory says that I have killed Skarvald The Constructor 140 times. I thought that that must be too much: until Legion.

These are exciting times! I can’t wait to dip my ticklish toes into Mythic Plus Dungeons. I will surely learn the depth of my class along with the stupid spec tricks for certain encounters.


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