WoW News Feed: May 10th

“Anyone can become a game show host. It simply requires a giant, narcissistic ego and an inability to do anything else. The closest thing to school I did was looking in the mirror one hundred times a day and repeating, ‘People should listen to you talk.'”
Kurt Braunohler

Developer Interview on Twitch: May 10th

I just watched it while doing some pet tamers on my 96 horde. So, I listened to it and peeked now and then at the video feed.

Twitch offered a live feed of Watcher and the Online Gaming Personality from Blizzard Headquarters. There is a chat channel to the right which was useless beyond constant spam of Legacy and PvP, it flew by so fast that you could not read much else. At it’s highest, there were 37,000 viewers — amazing!

Watcher was polished and composed wearing a nice button-up shirt with some Blizzard symbol on it. Online Gaming Personality showed up in a worn sweatshirt and a rumpled tee shirt. He was unpolished, tried to drop spoilers from notes he saw at headquarters (ffs), ping-ponged from sucking up and trying to nail Watcher and could not ask a meaningful follow-up question. Note to Blizz: get a better Online Gaming Personality.

The news is that Beta drops on Thursday. A ton of invites will go out over the next few days. If you go, try it on Thursday as they want to Stress Test the systems.

I didn’t hear if there would be Character Transfers in the Beta. If not, the questions that I have will go unanswered.

Watcher addressed Legacy servers; why not call them illegal pirated stolen servers? Still, he did a nice tap dance about the leveling up experience.

World Quests. My question is: will the quest log still be capped at 25? They sound pretty fun, they are adding lore and context to the World Quests, which is great. But, they will never end. Described as a better system than MoP’s dailies; at least with Golden Lotus I knew there was an end. Grind or no, I knew that I’d someday finish and be done.

Mythic Plus. This is a way of taking the same content and skewing it, I guess for our added fun. Like the Mythic Dungeons in WoD, roughly at our level; the Mythic Plus dungeons will always be hard … with a timer. Adding what they call an Affix.

Mythic Plus. One Affix is called Teeming (at Mythic Dungeon Level Four) where there are a lot more adds; just what we want, more adds. At some higher level, you might see Skittish, where the tank cannot hold aggro. And, you can get Double Affixed .. all in a timed Dungeon. There are a bunch of Affixes, that part is easy to design.

Mythic Plus. What is the timer? I was dying for the OGP to ask the obvious follow-up. Am I spending an hour in this dungeon or three hours; what does my gaming life look like? Maybe the answer was in the Diablo and Hearthstone references; I don’t know, I don’t play those games.

I finished watching the live Twitch feed wondering if I want to play Legion. Everything will be “exciting and challenging” which means “hard and frustrating”.

It is clearly not Alt Friendly. The amount of time invested in World Quests and Mythic Dungeons and, I suppose that we’ll want to Raid — how could an Alt ever keep up.

At this first exposure, I feel that you want to take two paths on your main — either invest in Mythic Dungeons or Raiding. Or maybe a third path and that is leveling different classes and specs up over and over again.

It was a rough day for this casual player. I’m worried.


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