Ask a Beta Tester

“The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.”
Oscar Wilde

Ask a Beta Tester

The Beta opens up for a ton of players, tomorrow: May 12, 2016.

They are not allowing character transfers at the start as they want to do Stress Testing and force the players to go out and … play! I know that I’d be in some corner messing with my Wardrobe like everyone else, so they’ve planned well!

So many of my questions rely on the character transfer as many are on professions and collections. For example, I want to know if the WoD LW 10% stat boost tent works in Legion because I could make a bunch of those now.

Non-Character Transfer Questions:

  • Leveling up your Artifact is your primary goal: at least for three months. By playing you will gain some currency. What is the best pay day; dungeons, questing, gathering? You can only explore once; do we earn big Artifact currency for doing the Pathfinder stuff?
  • Are all the tamable battle pets “in the wild” at level 25?
  • Is there anything (anything at all) about guild improvements in Legion?
  • What does the Achievement pane look like with it’s new search panel and are all the Achievements pre-loaded?
  • How soon can we set our Hearthstones in Dalaran; is it a quest or do we simply show up there? What is the flight time for a flight path from Dalaran to the farthest flight point?
  • In past Betas, they unlocked all the mounts for you. If they open the toys, I want to know if The Skull of the Mad Chief, Avianna’s Feather and Spirit of Shinri work in Legion so we can haul ass across the zones; opening up the maps and flight points. And, simply use them all of the time (the tool tip for Avianna’s Feather says only in Dreanor, but it works everywhere now).
  • Can healers (and tanks, I suppose) quest with the same ease as a dps class?
  • World Quests are gated until level 110, I assume Heroic Dungeons as well. What else? Can I explore the zone designed for level 110s?
  • How tough are the demands on your computer?
  • Can I start my Fishing Artifact immediately?
  • Do XP boosts like Accelerated Learning and Rapid Mind work in Legion zones?
  • Is Legion fun to play?

I’ll have more and so will you! Let’s plan now so that we can begin Legion with joy and not trepidation.



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