Dalaran Hearthstone

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
Maya Angelou

Dalaran Hearthstone

My sole venture into Beta yesterday rewarded me with a (new) Dalaran Hearthstone. Adding a home-base Hearthstone, like our garrison, was genius. My quandry will be: where to set my Hearthstone?

Once upon a time, one would level and put the Hearthstone in the zone’s inn for rested xp in between bouts of questing, exploring and leveling. It had a one hour cooldown and that … was life! As our Worlds(s) of Warcraft have expanded, getting around is very important to our playtime and playstyle.

My playstyle is not a frontal cone cleave, I am more of an AoE Starfall kind of player. I’m all over the place. In WoD, I set my hearth to Stormshield and then to Tanaan. I found that most players had set their hearth to the Shrine in Pandaria! Much smarter, I wished I’d thought of that sooner; too much wasted time.

Setting our Hearthstone is like an anchor to our daily approach to the game. Will it be another portal fail in (new) Dalaran? Setting my hearth to the Shrine isn’t very exciting. I might put it by something I do every day like a pet battle or a profession daily. By the way, I’m assuming that there will be fishing and cooking dailies in (new) Dalaran that are as fun as the old dailies.

I worry that I’ll miss out on solutions. The mining pick in the Spires of Arak to speed up my mining was something that I’d have hated to miss out on. There is sure to be plenty of odd speed boosts, tricks, gliders, portals and more in Legion.

I think the only answer for me in discovering the nifty solutions is by following the bloggers and also the information sites!

Where to set my Hearthstone is a tough choice!


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