Legion Beta: Day Two

“You don’t have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.”
John Ciardi

Legion Beta: Day Two

I am wondering why we have to wait until August 30! Of course, I know that there is a lot to do but the improvements from day one to two were big. We helped with the Stress Test and the disconnects were fewer by far.

I collected my poor dead Druid and ported back to (new) Dalaran. Since I had miserably failed so bad on the Artifact quest (resto with balance affinity), I decided to give a hunter a try. I’m a veteran dps as a hunter!

Beast Mastery is very (very) different than before. The focus regen is mostly passive, so you wait to cast a spell. Even worse, you are looking at your action bar for it to come off cooldown. I hope it gets faster, better, stronger.

I did the opening scenario and went to Dalaran. I have the Artifact quest but ran out of time to try it out. You can’t do anything else — the Artifact quest is the only quest, the flight points don’t have any connections; that is that!

I will probably wait until we can do Character Transfers. Most of my questions are the type of knowing how to get a solid start when Legion drops. Sure, the Artifact but the fishing Artifact too. Professions will need to be addressed early on, I want and need to know all that stuff to be confident.

All in all: Day Two served up a much smoother and cleaner experience. My friends, there is hope!



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