Give Me Some Guild Love

“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”
Frank Sinatra

Give Me Some Guild Love

How much information on changes to the guild lifestyle, interface, perks and rewards have been data-mined? Zero

Every small aspect of the game has been updated; even a little animated graphic when you look at flight paths! It’s great and we get change, often when we don’t want it!

I am shocked that there is no guild love. The MMO vibe is to play with friends. Friends invite friends to be new players. Belonging to a guild should not be mandatory; with this we all agree.

I can think of things and I’m just some dude sitting in the corner. A 24 hour “Hero for the Day” title conferred by the Guild Master or a subtle proximity glow when guildies are near each other. How about, I don’t know, new (and interesting) Achievements?

Blizzard said years ago that they wanted to dial back the Armory. And they did, we could trigger emotes, once upon a time. I think the Armory should be part of their mobile app suite along with PvP Pet Battling, Auction House, maybe even Fishing. Mind you, I would never do that sort of game play but I think it should be there.

The Armory is important. Sites like Ask Mr Robot rely on it to do their work. I think the WoW Progress site does too.

In our guild, someone might put up their birthday as a calendar event. Normally, players will buy a Dalaran Cupcake or some-such jive and wrap it as a present and mail it to them with a Happy Birthday note.

If it is one of your Best Buds, you might go to the Armory and see which pets they don’t own and hunt it up; buy it, craft it or it is a dupe on your own list. We can not do that with Toys or Wardrobe! I think this is a Major Fail on Blizzard’s part.

When I log into WoW, that is not when I want to do my research. I want to play; I’m excited to party up with friends or do stuff. I don’t want to be mousing over a long lost toy or piece of wardrobe; bouncing over to WoWhead to find out the ifs and whens. Not when there are 360 toys!

C’mon Blizzard! Give us some Guild Love and (also) update your Armory!


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