Legion Beta: Healer, Mana Regeneration

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
Orson Welles

Legion Beta: Healer, Mana Regeneration

With Spirit gone, our mana regen will be flat. This it to make it exciting for healers. Managing our resources is part of the mini-game of healing.

I’m fine with whatever the game design will be. If it is horrible, I expect it to get fixed. I’m also not worried about raiding because everyone is in the same boat (so to speak).

What I worry about is Dungeon Running. Trash, Boss, Trash, Boss, Trash, Boss; will we really have to stop after every fight and eat and drink?

I got on the Beta (Day Three). Without the Artifact which will give some mana regen, I emptied my mana bar to see how long it took to refill.

Mana Regen: 6400 — amount of mana regenerated every 5 seconds
Haste: +5%

Refilling the Bar:
One minute; 58 seconds — lets call it two full minutes!

Using the Beta provided test food:
Aszuna Test Food: stacks to 200, 20 second full regen

What does it mean?
For one, I hope that everyone brings their own food. Topping off my own resources only to heal up the other players will mean me topping off my resources again. If we don’t have food then the wait between pulls is way (way) too long.

For two, the Aszuna Test Food stacks to 200; I hope the same in true for all foods in Legion.

For three, I hope the Ever-Blooming Frond or some other item gives me out-of-combat restoration. I used this item all through WoD in dungeons and it was excellent.

For four, our first instinct is to say that we will get more and more powerful and that our haste will increase a lot — however: Dungeons will scale. It will always be hard, the damage will always be relatively the same for the duration of the expansion.

Our playstyle in Legion is changing and we will adapt. I hope it is not all about everyone waiting on the healer to be ready for the next pull!


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