Lazy Alt Leveling

“There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”
Will Rogers (1879 – 1935)

Lazy Alt Leveling

There are many ways of playing the World of Warcraft. My best fun is playing with members of my guild. However, I log on to “do stuff” at all times of the day.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying my lazy mornings a lot. Like everyone in the world, I get a cup of coffee and check my emails and bounce around different blogs and WoW fan sites. Eventually, I look at world news or articles on sports.

I have one horde character. A cute goblin hunter named Shotzie. She was leveled in the last expansion for the sole purpose of getting the achievement of “horde and alliance to max”. I forget the name of the Achieve but would be glad to look it up.

Months ago, in a moment of foolish ambition, I decided to bring little Shotzie over to Draenor. I got lost and fell down a cliff. I left her dead body at the bottom of the cliff up until a while ago. I got my brave hunter up and started a garrison.

I let days go by with only logging in to send my few followers on missions and to collect Garrison Resources. I got near max on resources and decided to send my Shotzie some love.

Now, I’m leveling my alt slowly in the mornings while I’m fooling around and waking up. Here is what I do: Pet Tamer Battles.

  • The Pet Tamers give max XP for your character no matter what level that character is at.
  • I buy a Potion of Accelerated Learning from my garrison and port to the Shrine and then to Thunder Bluff and then take the Flight Path to Feralas.
  • The treat and fun is that during these flight paths are when I’m looking at the web sites or checking my mail.
  • I battle the tamer in Feralas, drink the potion before the turn-in and begin the circle around Kalimdor; Feralas, Desolace, Stonetalon, Ashenvale, Felwood etc. As I type this, I’m on the flight path from Moonglade to Everlook where Trixxy is sure to give me more pet bandages.
  • I skip Uldum.
  • I end my loop in Thousand Needles and have time left! So, I hearth and flight path over to Exile’s Rise in Shadowmoon Valley to sneak a low level pet in against Doodle and then I can just make the trip to Talador’s pet tamer.
  • Fourteen quests at max XP (plus the potion’s 20% boost) fills my bar about a third. So: three days per level, maybe a tad more.
  • This in one hour of reading blogs, drinking coffee and maybe typing at my blog. It is easily the least stressful and more rewarding way to (almost) passively level an Alt.

I like that when flying or on flight paths that you can change pets, revive and open reward bags. It might be tempting to expand and slip in low level pets but that would mean paying attention; which is not the goal!

I use the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling for just about the entire loop; the exception is Talador.

Having a level 100 horde character might be interesting in Legion or it might not. Having finished up a neglected project will be satisfying nonetheless.

Oh … Ding 97!


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