Preparing for Legion: Professions

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”
Hedy Lamarr

Preparing for Legion: Professions

I wrote before about your main becoming an engineer. Legion is several months away, I think that there are a few things right now that will make your quality of life better.

First: the the Chef’s Hat. I anticipate that it will be a buff like the Safari Hat when it becomes a toy. The Chef’s Hat makes cooking so much faster, you can’t live without it. It costs 100 Epicureans’ Awards; from (old) Dalaran cooking dailies and the city dailies; you can start right now on a lowbie.

/summonpet Pierre
/use Chef's Hat
/s It's Cooking Time!

You do have Pierre, the mobile cooking fire, don’t you?

Second: is the Angler’s Fishing Raft. You’ll want to do this on your main now. It is from Pandaria and requires Revered with Nat Pagle. I assume that it will be rep gated as a toy. Here’s the deal: the Fishing Raft is faster than a Water Strider! You spam the space bar on your keyboard and start slow but soon you are the fastest “ground” mount in the game even if you are on water. For me (and anyone) this will be valuable when opening up the Broken Isles and then … fishing. Pro Tip: if you are herbing the rivers in Tol Barad, the Angler’s Fishing Raft is wicked fast.

Finally, you might consider the Apron from the Tiller’s in Pandaria. This will count as one of your tabards (we need 25 for the Fabulous title).

Who could resist?

#showtooltip Chef’s Hat
/summonpet Pierre
/use Apron
/use Chef’s Hat
/s Fresh Tauren on the grill!


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