A Big Stat Stick

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
Winston Churchill

A Big Stat Stick

Today’s Date is: May 17, 2016. A bunch of days until Legion begins.

On MMO Champs, we learn that swapping specs will now be free and that changing talents will have a cost. Stop laughing! Actually, one can change talents for free in safe zones like cities or class halls but not in dungeons or activity zones. Even so, Inscriptionists will be selling a unit that allows a raid wide change if we must swap out talents in a group. The post and rationale can be found here.

Plenty of time to see variations on a theme when it comes to Spec Swapping and Talent Swapping; we will let the fairy dust settle on that one, eh?

It has been an active time to read around the world on WoW. Gnomecore has a strong commentary on Body Types in WoW. I think he offered up just enough opinion to open his comment box: good strat, amigo.

I enjoy reading Bodhi Rana. Funny guy and he plays and writes, just like we all do. After posting his punishing goal of his THIRD Legendary Ring, he has now formed Team Sadomasochist, a group of his friends learning the nuance of Challenge Mode Dungeons in WoD. Brutal! I can only hope his team stays intact for Mythic Plus Dungeons in Legion, if so, a brilliant beyond brilliant strat to begin now with the team.

Way over at Alternative Chat, I found a meaty and weighty post on Take the Long Way Home. I can’t really put my finger on a single topic here; there is a lot being said. Some of whether to continue playing WoW with its ever-shifting complexities.

My favorite Blogger, Misdirections had a very (very) Crappy Monday compounded by not getting a Beta invite. There is something about this author that reads so very well, even on rants I enjoy my visit every time.

My blog? Yesterday I had visitors from: the United States, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom and Greece. Sadly, my long ago posting on How To Quit a Guild has been showing up every few days. Other than that sad bit, most players seem to be looking for news on Druid Healers and Fun Toy Box Macros. I’ve only written some posts on Resto Druid Healing but dedicated players are finding them; I hope that they are of some help.

Today’s Date is: May 17, 2016 — expect lots of changes for Legion, the launch is a long ways away.

One thought on “A Big Stat Stick

  1. Today has been a blog-a-rific day. Lots of posts all over the place with humor, good news, useful news, and cuteness. I think I’ll declare that this the beginning of an epic weekly lockout. I will make it so, by any means.


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