Planning for Legion – Guild Edition

“An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.”
Chairman Mao

Preparing for Legion – Guild Edition

There is so much going on in the beginning of an expansion, it is hard to nail down the details. Making the best use of your inherent support system; both your guild and your raid team will build a solid foundation to start off as strong and confident as possible.

What we imagined our experience to be in WoD was skewed by the Garrison experience and so, we need to think back to WotLK, Cataclysm and Pandaria.

New expansions bring out the Realm First guys; first in cooking, fishing, alchemy and so on. Gathering mats and selling them can make you rich; or, you might be rich and buy up all the mats for yourself or your guild. If you panic (and I have) know that you’ll get leveling XP again on WoD gathering, say hello to your mine!).

Cauldrons are back! The Spirit Cauldron will dole out flasks for your raid. As usual, you will take one flask and consume it and then take another for your bags. These will be expected in raiding and will take a lot of herbs. Of course, this is Alchemy.

Inscription is getting Vantus Runes. This once-a-week item will buff you by 10% on some level against a certain boss for the whole week. We’ll post them on Monday nights for the AH. Also, there will be a new item (not yet data-mined) that will allow raiders and dungeoneers to change Talents while in a fight zone. Again, this will take a lot of herbs.

Honestly, I never liked the idea of a Guild Cook, Guild Alchemist, Guild Leatherworker etc. Where everyone funneled their mats and invested in getting them the recipes in which they, in turn, dole out the goods. It has some potential for a Raid team but that is a back-alley deal done between the Raid Leader and you.

So, what can we do?

Encourage everyone and absolutely everyone to have a Gathering Addon. Gatherer or Gathermate (I’ve forgotten their names, I use Gatherer) which tracks the mining, archeology and herbing nodes on the map: guild wide.

Bookmark Wow Profession Farming Guides. This guy keeps this page up-to-date, his profession leveling guide is very good too. Minimal and clean, the page has been on my list for almost ten years.

Consider the Sky Golem. I’m sure you have it in your mount list; I’ll be selling plenty in Legion. It is the only mount that allows you to pick herbs without dismounting. What the savage culture will be as we know that all zones scale, I don’t know; but this might be the trick until we get flying for our herbing Druids.

I miss El’s Extreme Anglin’ website. For all things fishing, it was a gold mine. I don’t know what it will take to make buff foods or party buff feasts yet. There is a void to be filled in this area.

We can make use of our Guild by sharing information. Dungeons open on Day One, which is kind of scary and Raiding will start at some later date. With Brewfest starting 20 days after the launch, expectations will be to be at 110 by then.

Finally, with the pre-expansion patch, all of our followers with Treasure Traits will evolve into Scavanger Traits. Don’t let your guild dump ore, herbs, leather etc. into the Guild Vault — no one will want WoD mats for a long (long) time to come.

To Sum Up:

  • Encourage all guild members to have Gatherer for the first few months.
  • Watch guides like wow-professions to maximize your efforts in leveling up professions.
  • Try to see if one Raider with Alchemy will take on the Cauldrons and feed them mats.
  • Consider the Sky Golem as your mount du jour.


  • Will potions like Accelerated Learning from your garrison work in Legion?
  • How about the Elixir of the Rapid Mind?
  • How about the Leatherworkers 10% stat boost tent?
  • How about the Drums of Forgotten Kings? (they still work and they are from Wrath!).
  • How about quasi-Hero drums? At least while leveling, maybe?
  • How about the Gnomish Army Knife and it’s 10% gathering buff?
  • Crafted gear … oh dear Elune …


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