Aspiration and Challenges in Legion

“But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
William Butler Yeats

Aspiration and Challenges in Legion

Following yesterday’s post on the lack of Intention when it comes to some of the new features in Legion, I do have to say that the designers have been great on Intention in class design.

In this forum post it is described exactly what the goals are for the Tanking and Healing … uh … feedback loop.

At the top of the list is: Tanks will require more direct healing. This will also improve on healer gameplay, as it’s more engaging when there’s a mixture of the types of healing that need to be used on any single encounter. And this is followed up with: Healers should care about the time and mana required to heal tanks, so that taking less damage as a tank is considered valuable. The majority is about Tanking, which is cool.

In the broadest sense, I feel that I have to read between-the-lines on these kinds of posts. My conclusion is that encounters will be more even: I’ve felt this for the past expansion as well, namely — mobs take longer to kill but they don’t hurt as much.

Some things like the 10% movement speed boost on the cloak enchant, the disappearance of Aspect of the Pack and fewer specs with Stampeding Roar suggest that we will all be moving slower as a group; always.

Meaningful = Nerf. When the Devs say “at first glance, this looks like a nerf” … well it IS a nerf. When they say it is to make our experience more meaningful, they really mean more difficult. When they say that mana management becomes important, I say that it becomes stupid.

The word “meaningful” is laced throughout the notes for Legion. What irks me that is all the changes that they call meaningful (used in very many contexts) is that it is already very meaningful in progression raiding and the early expansion experience. If they are designing for End Game (and they are), we’ll be walking uphill always; never hitting the plateau where we feel like we’ve arrived and are strong.

I am very confident that this will work out fine. The first month in Legion will probably require a balancing patch after droves of players who are not elite beta testers fail and fail and fail.


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