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Nerfbat: Unlimited range. Instant. An unfair attack that reduces all skills.
Buff: Nerfbat: All skills reduced “to the ground!”

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WarcraftDevs ‏@WarcraftDevs · May 19
No – Mythic Archimonde and Blackhand’s mounts will become rare drops when Legion launches.

esam zhalka @esamzhalka @WarcraftDevs The drop rate on the archi mount is being reduced on the pre xpac patch ?

Trying to get good hard news, like the above, can be so tricky because Twitter and Blogs can slip into the past so easily. Five new posts and it can be lost to Time.

Traditionally, during a pre-expansion patch, we all become much stronger. For example, it is common that when a secondary stat goes away that it is changed to a new stat — so, when Hit went away, we had an amazing about of Crit. In the transition to Legion, all of our Multistrike will become one of our secondary stats (one hopes – I’d guess Versatility).

However, in Legion, our secondary stats will no longer ramp up exponentially. They will be additive. This keeps our damage from getting crazy high like it is right now, hunters rolling over 200k during a hero phase for example.

Also, our Trinkets will be nerfed in the pre-expansion. They were too strong. Bad design by Blizzard punishes players yet again.

I’d like to think that we’d all make mad runs at Mythic Archimonde during the pre-expansion patch as over-powered players who are re-learning our classes. I did so many heroic Garrosh runs for the heirlooms, why not run Archi for the mount?

It is staggering and could be very depressing to see our current content get much harder when we get our new class spells. Weaker tanks, mana-starved healers, all of us wondering what sucks about Legion.


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