The Migration to Legion

“The herd seek out the great, not for their sake but for their influence; and the great welcome them out of vanity or need.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

The Migration to Legion

A migration is seasonal movement of a group from one region to another. I can see the herds getting restless, preparing and looking to the West. I can feel it too.

Alternative Chat posted today on It’s My Life. It is about catching up on projects, following lost threads, organizing the banks and gathering Old World mats.

I have felt it too. I found myself farming cloth to make shirts for the Fabulous achievement which is months away. I have an Alt stock-piling Savage Crates. I have an Alt on the Tiller’s farm growing Trillium.

I’ve a friend who just started their own guild on a lowbie Alt. This is for pure storage and nothing more. I was told “old world mats”. Being able to move all the mats from all of our characters to a central location is the way to do it. What prompted this is our pending migration into Legion.

After raiding last night, six of us went into Mythic SoO. We finished up to Iron Juggernaut and then ran out of time. We collected some Achievements but also gathered (some really nice) Tmog gear. It was also a test to see how hard it was to do with how few. Restlessness, to be sure.

I don’t want to spend gold. There is no reason for my new-found thrift beyond Legion rising up on the horizon. I find myself trying to lock-down my Alts into a good pattern.

It is a herd mentality. Everyone is restless to begin the migration. Players are doing goofy things. Actually players always do goofy things, we now have an excuse!


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