Stealth Hotfix in the Night

“The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth and have it found out by accident.”
Charles Lamb

Stealth Hotfix in the Night

Thanks to Gnomecore, we get a heads up at a hotfix that is in place now. Imagine that surprised level 15 in Darkshore who was merrrily blowing the mobs up.

This is a good thing, a very good thing. I’ve wondered at the term “legacy” for a while. I knew Vanilla and Classic were the very first game; up to level 60 (Everlook, Felwood), I’d guess. People started tossing around the word Legacy and there is even a tab for it on our Achievement Panel.

Spawn rates, dungeon deaths, scaling quest bosses are huge changes and very well received.

  • Most quest bosses from level 1-20 should now be multitap and will scale their health with the numbers of players fighting them.
  • Added dynamic respawn behavior to most level 1-20 outdoor areas, so that spawns will be more readily available during times of high player traffic.
  • Players who die in low-level dungeons should now release to the entrance of the dungeon, consistent with the practice in dungeons from more recent expansions.
  • Level 1-10 enemy NPCs now deal slightly more damage.
  • Reduced the bonus to out-of-combat health regeneration that players receive when below level 20.
  • Reduced player damage at low levels to improve overall combat pacing. In general, Strength and Agility classes saw a larger reduction in damage than did casters. Damage dealt is unchanged from level 40 onwards.

I am mostly pleased for Brother Gnomecore who has blogged on this need. I also like that he says “started to get fixed”, surely he believes that there is much more to be done.

I am not a major Alt Leveler but when I do, this experience should be much better. New players to the game will finally have a even and reasonable experience.

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