Pet Leveling Bonanza

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”
Terry Pratchett

Pet Leveling Bonanza

Today is: May 28, 2016. In the US, the pet tamer Squirt is in our Menagerie during the pet xp bonus week. Tomorrow it is for the EU. You can chain-level continuously to level up battle pets pretty fast. It is a bit addicting and satisfying.

Here is what I did:

I opened group finder and clicked Custom. I listed my group as Menagerie 3 – Realm Hop PvE. I clicked auto-invite and converted to raid. If I’m grinding in my garrison, I might as well be a service to the community.

  1. I put on my Safari Hat.
  2. I used Rematch to filter Rare and levels 1 – 7.
  3. I put the Enchanted Broom in slot one with Batter and Sweep
  4. I put my first level one pet in slot two and used the Pet Treat. The Pet Treat buff will carry over long past that first pet is gone.
  5. I put Weebination in slot three with Cleave.
  6. Begin the grind.
  1. Open with Sweep, swap to low level pet, swap to Weeb and spam Cleave until Weeb is dead. Use the Broom to Batter and finish.
  2. Visit the trainer to heal all pets.
  3. Go again.

It takes three battles, your level one will go to 15, 21 and then ding 25. Put in another pet and go again.

I merely went alphabetical, down the list. I ran for an hour, using the Pet Treat buff as a timer. Now I’m on a break, because I’d like to be sane. I’m going to the movies this afternoon but tonight is a NBA basketball game and perfect for a few hours of pet leveling grinds.

I began thinking about my level 62. I know I can fly in Draenor and that I can visit garrisons at that level. I began to wonder if I could get some xp on my lowbie by pet battling this tamer. Maybe tonight I will try it out.

5 thoughts on “Pet Leveling Bonanza

  1. Uuuh, bookmarked for later! Oh, Wrath, what I would not give for your site to have a Search Function – Can I lure you into adding that somehow…? πŸ™‚


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