Stockpiling Profession Points for Legion

“If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.”
Frank Zappa

Stockpiling Profession Points for Legion

or … saving for a training day.

My Alchemy guy has rows of Alchemical Catalyst in the bank. It is the daily cooldown. I’d seen one of our raiders, during a break, make trinkets; over and over again and vendoring them for 25 gold each. He even said that he’d buy all of mine. He was making gold and doing it wrong.

My three tailors have been faithfully making hexweave. I’ve been taking the Tailoring work order missions for the scrolls. All this was planning on the glut of garrison resources (and, by extension, all resources) so I could make a ton of bags. I was thinking wrong too.

Inspired by this post by Alternative Chat: the answer is to wait until the expansion drops.

When the expansion drops, our profession cap will jump up to 800. Having stacks of (+5 points) to craft up, right on hand, will give us a very good jump on the profession grind. I don’t know when those items will drop in points but it doesn’t matter, I was planning on doing this anyways. Now I’m waiting (vamping) until August 30th.

Knowing the drop date of the expansion is huge. We can judge the time (about 90 days from today) and weigh the amount of mats to stack up on vs our bag space to hold them.

The Daily Cooldown is the key to crafting. Grabbing the Speed Work Orders from the garrison mission will help. Gears for Engineering, hexweave for Tailoring, truesteel bars for Blacksmithing and so on.

The product doesn’t matter, we’ll be vendoring or DEing the goods. I can see that I can make 10 Greater Haste Taladite right now and it’s green with two astricks. My hexweave bags are grayed out (for profession leveling points). Trinkets are a whopping plus 15 profession points on my Alchemist (as is Transmute: Savage Blood).

Transmute Savage Blood only needs the daily cooldown item and Crescent Oil! I’d burn through that for profession points even if I had no need for the product.

At a glance, it would seem that some professions will have greater opportunity. I really don’t have the experience to know exactly how professions shift regarding new xp with a new cap. I do know that if my Gathering guys go to my herb garden and mine that they’ll get gathering xp right away.

To sum up: do your Daily Cooldown on Professions and save them up for when the expansion drops. How far you can take it is not known but far better then than crafting and vendoring now.


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