Starting Legion

“I never tell an audience what they can expect. I never have and I never will. I’m an entertainer for 75 years.”
Jerry Lewis

Starting Legion

Misdirections had an interesting recent post. It was a detailed layout of the concerns and choices when starting Legion. The factors of choosing a Main, Professions, Artifacts and more are all measured.

In conclusion, Misdirections sums it well:
“As I said above, this is not really a decision matrix I have faced before. But the twin factors of artifact weapons and what appear to be drawn-out profession leveling processes in Legion mean that it is now something to be dealt with.”

Using this Selections Begins article as my foundation, here are my decision elements as well. Go read the article, smart stuff.

I am also over-whelmed by the choices and lack of knowing how things will work out. I am fearful of the commitment to a single-spec Artifact which may put me months behind if I do not choose wisely.

My anticipation is as follows:

  • With the pruning of spells; the pre-expansion will show us a very slow play-style. Even with our tier sets, slow mana or focus regeneration will make it feel like we are crawling. One assumes that our Artifacts and future tier will make the game “more exciting” to play.
  • The zones in Legion scale to our level, not our gear. If Beta is offering 680 gear to new characters, then my 720 gear should give me an edge (and some forgiveness) when learning my play-style. I’d guess to level 102 or 103 before rewards begin to trump my set pieces, hopefully much later.
  • The Artifact quest takes about 45 minutes. I am lucky in that I have a dedicated Skinner and Miner Alt (a hunter, of course) and that zones will scale. I can stick that guy in some area and gather forever, slowly leveling the Artifact while gaining mats for my Profession Alts. In fact, I may not want to level quickly as my current gear will make me stronger as a lower level character.
  • Choosing between Beast Mastery and Marksmanship on my hunter will be painful and worrisome to the bitter end.

I am biting the bullet on my Resto-Druid. I’ve stood in the dark dreary shadow of the Disc Priest for two full expansions. The last kid called when playing volleyball, it has been horrible to watch those disc priests strut.

Whatever it takes; questing as Resto with Balance Affinity, chaining dungeon runs, anything that they throw at me; I will climb that mountain. Those bastards at Blizzard had better balance the healing classes!

There are even more considerations: what about my raid team? Do they have a raid composition that needs a certain class, spec or role? I know one of our tanks is going Demon Hunter.

As to Professions; I fear that my Alts will slowly drag behind. I’ll ask my Guild Master what things that the guild will need; should I push Alchemy first?

There are so many changes, so so so many changes, that we are being buried. Imagine losing raid buffs. Imagine Flask Cauldrons. Imagine few or limited speed buffs like Pack or Stampeding Roar, no speed boost enchant on our cloaks — it will feel so different and, I fear, slow.

Save those trinkets from Kazz! Some of them have Speed as a tertiary, unless that is being changed too and we simply don’t know. We simply do not know.

I understand on some level why Legion (to begin) will be a bitch; Blizzard needs new subscribers to stick around for more than a month — spreading out the leveling process and the Artifact process will give enough time for them to get “hooked” and into the habit of logging in. Why they don’t re-inforce the guild experience and the social aspects is beyond me; a staggering tripping bad step.

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