Beta Beast Mastery Hunter

“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.”
Roger Ebert

Beta Beast Master Hunter

Today’s date is: June 2, 2016.

The opening sequence is very clean. You start in Stormwind and get a scenario. You are then sent to (new) Dalaran and get the Artifact quest. Once done with that, you are sent to your Class Order Hall. The Mission Table gives you choices on which zone to start in and (I think) a Flight Path to that zone to begin.

The brand new Artifact is ilevel 750. The Beta gear is all 680. With Beast Mastery, you get the Artifact pet: Hati. No complaints, it looks pretty cool!

New Experience Notes:

  • Misdirection was clumsy to me because you have to choose which pet to cast it on, now that you have two pets. Very clumsy and will probably be resolved by a macro or two.
  • A bunch of spells are now lumped into one spell called Pet Utility which is a fly-out box. Tame, Mend, Revive, Dismiss, Feed and Beast Lore. The idea is fine but you need to heal your pet all of the time. That fly-out box was not going to cut it. I made a macro /cast Mend Pet within two minutes of running in a zone.
  • I didn’t spend enough time to see if I have to Mend Pet on Hati also; best guess is: yes.
  • My pet was Ferocity and held aggro just fine.

I tried a Level 100 elite (a big tree monster). It took a long time, as it should, but I downed him. The regular Level 100’s were a piece of cake and I began “doing the hunter thing” and used my pet to attack one and then another to stack up mobs.

Controlling my pet in battle (for example a wandering mob jumped me while I was on the elite) felt clumsy too. I think that might be better with some simple practice and getting used to where my spells are on the bar.

I jumped off a cliff for fun. Dying sucks! Getting back to my body was a total drag and took forever because the landscape is so extreme.

Talents are very real. I tried only a few (I want to experience the game when it is for-the-reals) but they are powerful and different.

New Experience Conclusion: The opening sequence leads you where you need to go. You are strong enough to quest and get out and about. The UI will take time and that is a-okay. Finally, I worry that I’ll be making macros to fight against a simplified spell book.


2 thoughts on “Beta Beast Mastery Hunter

  1. one button pet utility macro….

    /cast [mod:alt] Dismiss Pet; [mod] Revive Pet; Mend Pet;

    you could add “[mod:ctrl] Tame;” in front of [mod:alt] too.

    I need to update the macros on my website. I have a ton of them that got completely reworked for WoD, but never made it up there. After 7.0 lands on us, I’ll update my macros and put them up on the website. Then I’ll share with you (and all of my WP friends).


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