A Big Tool: LFG

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”
Bill Gates

A Big Tool: LFG

What can this thing do?

I remember when the Flex mode came out in Pandaria. After raiding for years in the ten-man group; our two tanks simply took off! They joined flex raids as a duo and worked their way up through all of the bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar. They left our raid group in the dust.

Yes, they continued to raid with us and it was great that they brought their experiences back to the group. But those two immediately saw the potential of the Flex system. Brilliant guys, they’ve both moved on from WoW.

We don’t need a guild to raid. I love that I have opportunity to go as far and fast as I dare (or am willing to invest precious time upon). I also like that I can focus on one boss for a specific piece of gear (and I hope that MS>OS goes away and reserved gear blows chunks).

I’d love to have a partner and play like those two tanks did; they were on vent together and made decisions. Candidly, they burned through the content and I think they burned out as well.

The challenge for me is change, just like everyone else. Seeing the tools and understanding what they can do is powerful. Just how broad will the spectrum be in Legion? I can imagine the raids but what about Mythic Plus? Knowing that the same content will fan out into a lot of variations is staggering.

The Habit of the Custom Tool is one I’m still learning. The amazing players list all kinds of stuff that I might like to try; when things get slow, I need to remember to surf through the options.

I will Ride for the Brand like a good cowboy. I’m faithful to my guild and my raid group; they are the reason why I log in to play. But there is a LOT to do with some powerful tools. I don’t think we’ve explored the limits of the LFG tools.

I have no doubt that someone will have a group for Farming Artifact Points or Stacking Skinning or Run all Ten Dungeons. The Custom Tool is a solution that we need to embrace.

The potential for our big tool is pretty amazing. Getting it into my mind-set is the challenge. Even after an expansion, it still feels “new” and I wonder if Blizzard is going to embellish on it for Legion.

One thing that Blizzard did NOT do: give us an Owner’s Manual. “Here, have a cross-cut saw with a built in elevator. Have fun. Oh, it has waterfalls and a table saw too.”


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