Legion Guides: A look at trends

“Don’t follow trends, start trends.”
Frank Capra

Legion Guides: A look at trends

This is the article posted on Blizzard Watch. It comes at the perfect time as guide writers prep for the pre-expansion patch. It is written by the transcendent Vee Tegen, clearly, I’m a fan.

Yep, I participated in the survey. There is a feeling of forward-thinking and well as pulling the lonely guide writers out of the void. Our collective efforts could make the over-all experience much broader and greater; if we were willing to take that one single extra step. How and where to take these steps is pretty much a mystery.

Vee Tegen says:
“In my dream world, guides serve as not only a place to learn about your class, but a way to discover more resources by other authors. Increasing collaboration is a personal goal of mine for Legion, and I plan to start with adding more resource links to my own site, Ask Mr. Robot.”

I was a bit humbled by the results of the survey. In the graphic on finding good results for question asking, she lists MMO Champs, Battle.net and Reddit. I didn’t know you could ask questions there; I don’t even know what Reddit is!

For me, I need to know if sites can be trusted. I saw Watcher sniff and eye-roll on Noxxic. I need to know where to go and Vee suggests that guides cross-link which would be super helpful.

This is a very complicated discussion.

As a player, I need to know how to play and what I am doing: simple! The volume of information in light of the massive changes in Legion is staggering.

The information that I hunt for is layered: for my class, for general play like questing or specific play like raiding. Different guides will be needed for the wide range of answers that we look for when playing.

Also, time-based information. Valor Points had a huge impact on our gear levels which changed our choices on optimal gear. We know that secondary stats won’t be the issue when choosing gear in Legion (we’ve been promised) but adding a Legendary Neck piece will have me scrambling. As we move through an expansion, we have to feel like our guides are being tended to with pride.

I need to know:

  • Talent synergy; which talents will mate up with others for special strengths.
  • Where to find special gear like the Legendary pieces.
  • A good “build” for dungeon running.
  • The good “builds” for raiding duties: aoe, single target, add phases or nuke fights…and their rotations.
  • Special tricks for my class on a raid or dungeon encounter — I want a lot of these!
  • Basic class maintenance: buff foods, gems, enchants, flasks, talent swapping tokens.
  • Macros.

All of the above list is more important than ever before because each class gets locked into an Artifact and will run in a very specific manner. Certain abilities will be mandatory and expected be it stuns, traps, slows, off-tanking or whatever that a unique class will have in their arsenal.

Finally, all of the above information are all on third-party sites. It will be a rough transition. Where once upon a time all hunters had traps, that is no longer the case; being a Raid Leader will be a huge undertaking trying to know not just what a hunter can do but what three different kinds of hunters can do!

So: where do I go? Which sites are working at Legion? Several of the best have been single person volunteers, will they be back?

I have to admit, this article on Blizzard Watch has me energized! I’m ready to jump in and get going!


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