Legion: Marksmanship Builds

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Legion: Marksmanship Builds

Today’s date is: June 5, 2016 – a lot can change in Beta!

I have no doubt that the theory-crafters and the guide writers will create viable builds for us. Many bloggers speculate that there will be a lot of patches addressing balancing as the expansion moves along. You should be able to make a build without a guide.

I’ll use Aimed Shot as the example but you could zero in on any spell.

Building your Marksmanship Hunter has four basic zones, all of which impact each other. Stacking for your intention is the key.

  • Our spell book: the bread-and-butter rotation, focus gains and big cool downs. We’ll see Aimed Shot boosted or effected by the other zones.
  • Our Artifact Weapon: there are 18 steps to filling your Artifact on the surface (and then ranks), three of those have Aimed Shot in the Tooltip. Other boosts are to Marked Shot, Bursting Shot etc.
  • Our Three Relics: from what I see, there are a bunch of different pieces to insert. Deciding if you simply want the best and newest will be important, however, imagine finding three which all deal with Aimed Shot!
  • Our Talent Tree: As always, the choices are many. Some appear to be great for AoE, some for Single Target, some are passive vs adding another spell to your action bar.They all interact. If Sidewinders shows up on your Artifact, Relic and Talent list; odds are that we’ll want to go that direction (if you are AoE building). Candidly, the number of factors is mind-boggling.

    Our Artifact only adds one spell with a 20 second cool down, the rest are all passive boosts. That Talent Tree has the potential to add four spells to your Action Bar. The Relics are passive boosts. The Spell Book has eleven spells for our Action Bar.

    Sixteen spells, many swinging up and down depending on boosts, procs and playstyle. Everything shifts depending on your desire; single target vs AoE. A lot is built in for AoE but those drop out if you are facing a burn boss.

    Your Instant spells and short cool-down spells are your rotation, watching for the longer 20 or 30 second cool-downs to be used “off cool-down” and then Trueshot is the big 3 minute cool down, likely used with a potion on pull and then wisely during the encounter.

    Sixteen Spells is a handful. Seven Talents, our Artifact and Relics will all change how we play; we must build with a goal and not settle into “One Build Will Rule Them All”.

    Aimed Shot alone is changed by five different Talents, is in three Artifact tool-tips and could be in three Relics. The Relics are echoes in our Artifact, boosting a specific step (Deadly Aim on the Artifact increases crit damage, a Relic might boost Deadly Aim).

    Since Aimed Shot has a two second cast time, clearly I should be nominated to be Raid Leader: I have the free time to talk!


2 thoughts on “Legion: Marksmanship Builds

  1. Marksmanship is my one and only spec in Legion, because it allows no beast.
    Do I get it right that rotation will be faster? Because in WoD all I do is waiting for cooldowns.


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