Legion: Top Five Rare Spawns

Legion: Top Five Rare Spawns

Hi guys. Welcome back to my YouTube Channel. Remember, if you like what you see to subscribe by clicking below. This is Huntermatrix and I’m going to show you the top five rare spawns in Legion.

As you can see, I’m flying from Dalaran to Highmountain. I’d post the coordinates but then you wouldn’t watch my video (haha). I’m lucky to get the Beta Key and am able to post all of these great guides for you in Legion; trust me, the game looks great. If you like this video remember to click “thumbs up”.

While we’re flying you can listen to my cool soundtrack. It is by sirmixsumbeats, my next door neighbor. His mom got him this cool software. If you like it, be sure to subscribe to his channel.

Here we are. Go up this path. Over this hill. See this big tree? That is where it will spawn. While we are waiting, be sure to click follow on my twitter feed; you’ll get all the updates on my cool guides for Legion.
(three minutes go by)

Did anything happen? I was taking a power dump. I can see that no spawn happened yet. Trust me, it is freaking cool! Dude, this is some great beats, that kid next door is talented.

Okay, let’s go to another spot. We’ll fly over to Azsuna. While we are flying, check out my Facebook and give it a thumbs up. Friend me and you’ll be up-to-date on all the rad stuff that I’m doing with my Beta Key.

Alright, Aszuna. This one is sure to be up. Let me hop on my cool Crimson Water Strider. Go up this path. Over this hill. See this big tree? That is where it will spawn. While we are waiting, I’m taking donations using Paypal. If I get fifty dollars in the next hour, I’ll show … oh wait, that is for my Twitch feed. I’ll be doing Twitch tonight at 7pm my time.
(three minutes go by)

Did anything happen? I was playing some Call of Duty. But, guys, you know that Warlord of Warcrafts is my favorite game! I have more guides up on Legion than anyone. Just click like when you visit again to see the cool stuff.

Okay guys, I promised last week that my YouTube video guides wouldn’t go over an hour so we’ll close this puppy down. We didn’t get to see any of the rare battle pets and only visited two of the spots. I’ll be back tomorrow with more from Huntermatrix and sirmixsumbeats!

Click thumbs up below and listen to these rad beats while I show funny out-takes and credits. I know you love me!

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