Legion Summit – Dev Interviews

But I, despite expert advice,
Keep doing things I think are nice
And though to good I never come-
Inseparable my nose and thumb.

Dorothy Parker

Legion Summit – Dev Interviews

Wow! A ton of information and hints at our future right here called Legion Summit – Dev Interviews. This link is to MMO Champs, which did a great summary.

Because blogs scroll back in time, information can be hard to find so; I linked it. And, I’ll cherry-pick the information that I found interesting in case you don’t want to spend an hour scrolling through.

Cherry Picking Information by me:

  • There are three raid tiers coming in Legion! Two raids are are coming with release, another raid in Patch 7.2 and one more raid in a later patch.
  • Patch 7.1 contains a mega dungeon and will go on the PTR around the time that Legion is shipping. It should be released fairly quickly.
  • Your loot specialization will control what legendary items can drop for you in Legion.
  • The fishing artifact is already implemented and in the game, so you should be able to earn it once Legion releases.
  • People have a fondness for the Vanilla armor sets. Those sets aren’t very visually complex and didn’t have high quality textures, but players became accustomed to wearing their set for a long time.
  • Class Trials
    • The team got a lot of feedback from players that would use a Character Boost and then realize that they didn’t really like that class the best.
    • A boost is an expensive investment, so the team wanted to give players the opportunity to try before they buy.
    • You can try a character out and play through the Broken Shore, Artifact acquisition, and your starting up your Order Hall during the trial.
    • If you like it, you can use a boost to unlock it and make it a permanent character.
  • The (world) quests currently list rewards like “item level 810+” with the item level being determined by your current item level.
  • You should very easily be able to keep off spec weapons up to 80% of your main spec’s weapon unlock progression, with the same number of gold traits unlocked. This makes you a few percent less effective, but still not a huge deal.
  • Once you have maxed out all of your Artifact traits, the final trait gives you a raw increase in health, damage, or healing depending on your spec.
  • Dungeons will be released throughout the patch cycle.
  • The intent is for professions and crafting to be parallel to the available content.
  • When you hit Level 102, there is a quest in your Order Hall that allows you to pick a second Artifact weapon if you want.
  • There currently aren’t any plans to change the legendary ring, but if it is still too powerful at level 110 they will do something about it.
  • The two dungeons in Suramar have a mini attunement, requiring you play through Suramar to gain access.
  • The pre-expansion patch will contain things like class changes and the new transmog system. A couple of weeks after it is released, the Demon Hunters, Broken Shore event, and demon invasions will be unlocked. The demon invasions will get more intense as time goes on.

There is a ton of information, the list above are my own highlights. They dabble in cosmetics, future plans, things they won’t do etc. that I didn’t bother to post.

They will pace the patch releases better, modeling after MoP (which I think came to fast and furious). Three tiers of raid gear is big news! And, I think they are trying to assure us that Multi-spec will be supported.

What is a “mega dungeon”?


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