Legion – Dev Interviews

“Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly slipping lead into the boxing-glove.”
P.G. Wodehouse

Legion – Dev Interviews

MMO Champions is working on a Sunday. They have notes from the Dev Interview. After the movie premiere, the Devs sat down and hosted interviews. Click the link above to see the notes from the Starter Zone’s interview with the Devs. Click here to hear the podcast of the Starter Zone’s interview in audio: pretty cool. There are FIVE interviews on this podcast, well done!

From the notes on MMO:

  • The development team has grown, but the larger team was able to produce more content rather than produce content faster.
  • There are 235 people on the World of Warcraft development team now, including artists, designers, engineers, and producers.
  • In Warlords development, the new character models were a significant pressure for the character art team.
  • For Legion, the updated combat animations are a significant pressure for the animation team.

My Comments:
The gaming world and software world learned long ago that “throwing labor” at a project does not get it done faster. One does get some sympathy noting the “significate pressure” on the team. I’ve felt all along that the character models were a HUGE project that was behind the scenes in WoD.

More Notes:

  • If you play for 1 – 2 hours you would get as much Artifact Power as you would from 10 – 12 hours of gameplay at a certain Artifact Knowledge level.

My Comment:
I don’t know what Artifact Power or Artifact Knowledge is.

On the Pre-Expansion:

  • The pre-expansion patch has lots of new technology the team will be testing.
  • The game will automatically create new instances in an intelligent way.
  • If you are near your friends, both of you will be in the same instance and you won’t be able to tell anything happened.

My Comment:
Define “friend” please. Not nearly enough information. Battle Tag AND Guild AND Facebook Friend? Maybe just one of the three. It should be guildies but I’m losing faith.

Scaling Level Zones:

  • The team will take a look at how the leveling zones scaling works out in Legion and see if it would work out well on older zones.
  • Scaling might look like grouping the zones so that not every single zone scales for the full range of levels. There are many different ways it could be implemented with older content.

My Comment:
The jury is surely out but it feels like the train is rolling down the track already. If zones scale, then there is no difference (to my experience) if I am level 102 or 108; it is just one big dome covering all of the leveling zones. In Legion, my Artifact will be growing but will it be enough to “feel” any difference?
Also, as to old zones: it is surely coming but I remember quite well being in Ashenvale and accidently wandering into Felwood and getting pwned by mobs! It was a shock and it was great; being able to freely travel across Azeroth will lose some of the excitement and that “fear and caution” you have when opening new areas.

Blue Tweets: Professions

  • I’ve been hearing that you need 300 profession skill to proc profession world quests, intended for release?
  • Yes, this is intended. Otherwise, it becomes too easy to switch professions daily to earn more world quest rewards. (WarcraftDevs)

Blue Tweets: Pets and Pet Battles

  • Are the battle pets obtained from the Order Halls intended to be non-tradable?
  • Yes, hardcore battle pet collectors will need to alt it up to complete their collections. (Muffinus)
  • Are you serious? Pls reconsider this. No other activity in this game isnt doable with 1 char
  • Fully completing many account-wide collections (transmog, achieves, mounts) require alts. (Muffinus)
  • but this require a lvl 98 alt for every class and the artifacts system isn’t Alt friendly
  • Not every class has a pet associated, nor do they generally require full OH progression. (Muffinus)

My Comment:
Let’s enjoy the phrase “alt it up”. I do intend, eventually, to take many of my Alts through the opening Artifact quest lines to see the story; probably not much beyond that. Learning that there are pets associated with classes is news to me! Very cool news, indeed.

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