Legion to Scale

“I write music with an exclamation point!”
Richard Wagner

Legion to Scale

The upcoming expansion in the World of Warcraft, Legion, must be the most ambitious expansion to date. It is huge. The scope and scale and breadth of our journey as Heroes finds me daunted and staggering. Ten dungeons with multiple variations, three raid tiers, the deconstruction of classes, massive artifact and profession pathways all make me feel like the lone small knight with a dagger facing a huge fire breathing dragon; how could I ever win? How dare I take that first step on the path with the arrow pointing into a scary dark forest?

I was thinking about large scale endeavors and Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle came to mind. Der Ring des Nibelungen is the most ambitious opera ever. Four operas over four nights tell the story of a ring crafted to rule the world; stolen by the gods …
Blizzard, when it tells it’s epic tale, lifts from mythology because every story lifts from mythology because it deals with archetypes that we can all recognize in any culture in the world.

Every show needs rehearsals. Some of the Ring operas take a whole year to stage. Legion has gone through many design phases, our involvement as players have been on the Alpha, Beta and now the PTR. The Public Test Realm is important because we performers need to rehearse too; going on stage cold would be a travesty.

Here is six minutes of Wagner’s 15 hour (four) operas. Tell me if you don’t get a chill, feel the excitement and feel ready to jump into Legion! That, my fellow warrior and actor, is some ambition to scale!

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