Watcher on Twitch TV

Bertie Wooster: Why is it do you think, Jeeves, that the thought of that little thing my Aunt Dahlia wants me to do for her fills me with a nameless foreboding?
Jeeves: Experience, sir?

Watcher on Twitch TV

I just finished watching this hour long (to be weekly) live presentation. MMO Champs already has a recap to be found here..

Next week is professions and then they have a list, like PvP. Thursdays at 11am, pacific coast time.

While these guys are not trained nor professional presenters, I really did enjoy watching the show. In the past, I felt that they “cherry picked” the questions that they wanted to answer. It didn’t have that oily feeling this time.

There was a ton of information! Most of the information will be good-to-know for some hard core players yet not much was necessary to be a player, enjoying the game. Just as it should be.

They did choose the best question to be first. Personal Loot, if it is something you already have or less than you have and you win it: you can trade it! Sure, some pugger might bail and vendor it; we’ve seen this in the past: but, in general, this is really good news to team players.

Flying will come in the middle of the expansion. Assuming a two year cycle, we will get flying in about one year from now.

The rest, well, you can get from the notes on MMO Champs. Nothing was a “news flash!” or anything that was crucial — basically, Legion was designed to have a lot to do and you can enjoy doing any or all of it!

Kudos to Blizzard, I enjoyed the show.


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