Twitch: Professions Q & A

“A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.”
Catherine the Great

Twitch: Professions Q & A

I’ll be curious to read other bloggers now that the Profession Q&A is finished. I have to say, they sold me well. I’m excited and curious and ramped up to get started in Legion. About 15,000 viewers were watching the live feed, that is a good number!

The terrific recap by MMO Champs can be found here.

For me, I was not satisfied at all with any solution for double gatherers who are stuck with stacks of a BoP mat called Blood of Sargeras. Not happy, no sir.

The statement, “Blood of Sargeras is a measure of how much you play” also sticks like popcorn in that bad tooth. I’d rather not be defined, period. I’d not want to be “measured” by anyone, especially with comments like, “you must play WoW way too much, fool, just look at all that crafted gear.” I don’t like the spin, definition, hype or result. It is ugly, a horrible way to start an expansion.

I was very happy with the presentation. Their candor and openness was very welcome. Plenty of humor and plenty of good information makes for a well-done show.

Oddly, except for tailoring which sounded awful, I want to be a craftsman in all areas! They seem like they will be fun and rewarding and worth the adventure. Being a JC sounded fun with rings and neckpieces all of which have a gem slot. The description of chipping the gems was the good example of fantasy and flavor in all of the professions.

Bring me my Legion, I am ready!

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