Legion: Professions Realized

“The year I was born, 1956, was the peak year for babies being born, and there are more people essentially our age than anybody else. We could crush these new generations if we decided too.”
Tom Hanks

Legion: Professions Realized

I talked with my Guild Master for about two hours last night. Bouncing around ideas, weighing pros and cons, long term benefit and the fun factor were all topics balanced and measured. Everyone has a Guild Master like this, right?

We both agreed that change is difficult and it is in our nature to resist change. Understanding that the simple “change” can be a hurdle, it was then much easier to see new ways to come up with solutions. Embrace change, so to speak.

I have two Mains who do very different things and are played differently. I have a Hunter who feels strong and confident when questing, farming and simply running about the world. I have a Healer who will have to some questing but feels more like a cog in a larger group machine and is sometimes adrift or wimpy when soloing world content.

My goal is to level my Artifact and be strong and ready when the time comes to group up with my friends. This means play time invested, especially early in the expansion with a guess at about three months to level up and then taper off.

It would be easy to get distracted with my Alt Profession Factory and try to fill the ice cube tray. Having all the factory working and feeding my Main with flasks, gems, glyphs and whatever else needs to come later in the expansion; gradually and gently. Having my Main forge the pathway to 110 will make it much easier for my lesser Alts to follow.

The fun factor is important to me and most people. The most fun that I’ve had with professions is Engineering with it’s gizmos, portals, robots, gliders, mailboxes and Jeeves. Much more fun than having an easy gem to socket or a piece of gear to craft over and over and over again. My Man, Jeeves.

Here is what I am doing:
My Hunter is currently an Engineer and Jewelcrafter. I’ll drop JC and pick up mining. With mining, I can serve my profession and spend time on my Main; independent. In three months (best guess) I will have gotten most of the Engineering products completed and will have stock-piled Blood of Sargeras. Then, I will consider dropping mining and picking up Jewelcrafting again.

My Healer is a Leatherworker and Herbalist. I’ll drop Leatherworking for Engineering and it’s fun factor and the helps to raid groups like repairs etc. I’ll keep Herbalism as my gathering but use the excess ore from my farming Hunter to support Engineering. This way I am getting my Blood of Sargeras by playing yet eventually (in a year) my Druid will be an ace Herbalist. The herbs picked will either go to my future Alchemist, waiting in the wings, or to the Auction House for gold.

NB: many of the engineering portals and stuff will become toys and accessible to any character of mine who has Engineering. This is why the avenue for my Healer will be pretty easy.

My Gathering Alt has dual gathering. A Worgen hunter with the skinning racial was leveled with a gathering intention. To avoid the stockpiling of useless BoP Blood of Sageras, I will drop mining and pick up Leatherworking. All of the leather currently in my Healers reagent bank will go to my Worgen to level up as needed (which is not much). This will happen, but at the end of the day when it’s Grind Time, baby.

Eventually my Alchemist (who is level 100 and geared) will work to get to 110. As the Artifact is of minimal importance, doing the Artifact quest and then getting to 110 by any means (pet battles?) will open up the World Quests. Then my Alchemist can do the minimal profession questing and mostly serving my Mains again. This could be a slow road and that is okay. The same with my other profession Alts, but Alchemy with the pots and flasks will come first.

All of this is to point my Main Hunter and Main Healer to be able to focus on advancement and progress in the game. Early on, my Hunter will experience all of the fun questing zones, toy collecting and new content. Early on, my Healer will experience the dungeons, world bosses and group content that is new and exciting.

Resetting my professions to allow the “time spent” to heavily focus on my Mains will mean that I enjoy the game as a player with as much depth as possible.

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