The Blood of Sargeras: Time Spent Playing

“I am never writing a breakup record again, by the way. I’m done with being a bitter witch.”

The Blood of Sargeras: Time Spent Playing

In the developers chat on Twitch, professions were covered. The first questions were all about the Blood of Sargeras, the key crafting material for all professions.

Blood of Sargeras is a measure of how much you are playing the game. It isn’t supposed to be a gatherer specific crafting item where everyone else has to struggle to get it.

The above quote is not quite misleading but it it needs a qualifier. Blood of Sargeras is a measure of how much one character is playing the game would be a lot more accurate.

Maybe we have a new currency and measurement in WoW, the Time Price.

We listened to the presentation and came away feeling that we could have dual crafting professions. And we can. And this is encouraging. However, parking the character with dual crafting while you farm and grind mountains of materials will yield no Blood of Sargeras on that parked character. The balance of “time” between the two characters has now divided your success rate in half; or the time needed for your dual crafter is doubled except it is “dual crafting” and so quadrupled.

Dual Crafting is a time sink and a punishment.

The Blood of Sargeras is a RNG drop in most cases. RNG. Random. There will be few World Quests that feature the Blood of Sargeras as a reward. The bulk of your collecting will be “playing the game.” The smile and shrug of how much stuff one gains is open to feedback and we welcome your questions.

As they say in court, “what would a reasonable man do”? Prudence demands that a moderate player would be a crafter/gatherer. As much as we’d like the benefits of dual crafting, the Time Price is very high.

If I don’t like people, won’t join a guild, hate raiding, shudder at the LFR, refuse to do dungeons and have a grinding OCD: then dual crafting might make a kind of sense. My main can compete with anyone, as clearly seen by my eight pieces of 850 crafted gear; my status is secure.

It is a timed burn to grind mats on an Alt with the intention of sending them to a Main. The Time Price is staggering to get any edge or feeling of progress or power. Watcher’s mantra of “An Alt should not support a Main” is the litany of Legion; don’t fight it, winning comes at too high a price.

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